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WHICH IS IT IN 2019? Voice Over, Voice Actor, Voice Talent, or some combination?

Recently I came upon a discussion in a Voice Over Facebook group where someone asked  fellow voice overs what they call themselves. I believe this person was referring more to how each voice over actor perceives himself/herself, or maybe what people think is most accurate in today’s market.

But here’s the thing… it doesn’t matter how you want to perceive or present yourself. What does matter is how your potential clients perceive what they are looking for.

So I went in and studied what terms get the most searches, and to my surprise, “voice over” was not the #1 phrase used.

What is the #1 phrase used to find voice over services?

Drumroll please… “voice actor.”

Yup, that is the clear winner, with “voice over” coming in a fairly distant second. Then terms like “voice talent,” “voice over actor,” and “voice over artist” coming in as barely notable.

voice actor wins for seo

I have always said that every voice over’s website should come up at the top of a search results page by the phrase “firstname lastname voice over” (inserting their own first and last name of course). Now I’m revising my mantra to be “firstname lastname voice actor.”

Use synonyms too

This new information doesn’t mean you won’t be found if you use the phrase “voice over.” There is a difference in what people search by and what results they see. I’m sure you’ve experienced putting in a search phrase for something and gotten results that didn’t necessarily have those keywords, but were still in line with your needs. Google does a pretty nice job these days of understanding synonyms.

Beyond your name

It’s not all that often that a prospective client would know your name and search by it. So what other terms should you be using within your website copy? Well, that depends on who you are as a voice over… er… voice actor.



So you can and should be using a variety of terms throughout your website.


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