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How Does a Website Get on the Internet?

By Cathy Sirvatka

I taught a web publishing course at a local community college in which we covered websites from start to finish… almost. Students learned the purpose of a website, how to design web pages and navigation, and how to get their …

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Why Does a Small Business Need a Website?

By Cathy Sirvatka

I recently had a client with whom I spent a total of 3 hours over 2 different meetings talking about a new website and all the elements the client might want or need.  From that meeting, I created a proposal …

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How You Can Prevent a Hack Attack

By Cathy Sirvatka

(updated March 14, 2016) Well, I continue to get emails supposedly from people I know that are, in reality, bogus.  They contain links that I suppose would take me to a viral website (at worst) or to a website trying …

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Happy New Year… In Your Face!

By Cathy Sirvatka

Quit worrying about the “fiscal cliff.” Ugh, are you as sick of hearing that phrase as I am? I wish we had more control over what’s happening in Washington, but we don’t.  However, we do have control over our own …

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What’s a Professional Website Worth?

By Cathy Sirvatka

It is pretty commonly known among web designers and developers: people want a website that looks cool, has great functionality, and can be found easily in the search engines but…they don’t want to pay for it.

Passwords and Hacking and Prevention

By Cathy Sirvatka

If you have been on the Internet for any amount of time, you have dealt with at least the first two items of this article title: Passwords and Hacking (whether you know it or not).

What is this RSS thing?

By Cathy Sirvatka

When you go to a blog page at any website, you will probably notice a link labeled something like “RSS.”  And if you happen to click on this link, you get taken to a page of gobble-dee–guk scary looking code …

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