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Resources for Voice Over Actors

Voice Over Web Design Professional ResourcesMany times people ask what tools I suggest for things like website hosting or finding good stock photos.  So I’ve listed some resources that I think you’ll find helpful.

I have already vetted these products for you; these are products I know and use in my work! I am an affiliate of some of them, which means I may get a small commission if you click on one of my links to their website.  Let’s take a look!


Web Hosting

siteground website hosting wordpress
–  My other favorite hosting service,, has a great reputation for hosting WordPress websites and offers speed and a superb caching tool for an even faster website.  This service offers easy access to an array of tools. Their customer service is excellent and they are priced extremely competitively!

Website Photos & Images

stock photos
I have used this service for many years. There was a time when stock photos cost hundreds of dollars and you either had to pay that money, go without images, or make your own. But several years ago,, or iStock by Getty as it is now called, finally made good stock images available to the masses. You can purchase them one at a time, or purchase credits if you know you will be back for more (the more credits your purchase, the lower the price per image). They also offer illustrations and video. A tried and true service!

canva graphics creator

This is an amazing website that lets you pull graphics together for blog articles, web images, PDF documents and many more formats. You may be thinking, “I have no ability to create decent looking layouts!” Well, my friend, they provide you pre-designed pieces with graphics and type already in place. You can keep they layout only changing the text, or you can change the colors and text, add your own logo, upload a stock image you already purchased, and there you have it! Many times their graphics are free, and your image is ready for download as soon as you have created it. Some of the illustrations and photos cost $1. Yes ONE dollar. Pretty sweet, huh?!

WordPress Themes

themeforest wordpress themes
I recommend a theme called “Avada” for websites. This theme is kept up-to-date, has the drag-and-drop page builder making it easy to edit existing templates or create your own, and offers a ton of features for your site. Also you can view a complete demo of any theme! The price is a 1-time cost of $60.

Voice Over Legal Advice

voice over legal robert sciglimpaglia

This is the book ALL voice over professionals need to make sure you know the legal aspects of the work you do. It includes super helpful stuff like how to write and understand contracts, how to collect late payers, issues about liable and slander, and much more. This is a must!

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