Happy New Year… In Your Face!

Quit worrying about the “fiscal cliff.”

Ugh, are you as sick of hearing that phrase as I am? I wish we had more control over what’s happening in Washington, but we don’t.  However, we do have control over our own business decisions. If you are a business owner, all this negative economic talk should be urging you to move forward in your connection to your existing and prospective clients.  Now is not the time to pull back on the affordable methods of marketing your business which include websites and social media.  If you have a website, amp up your activity. Make sure your blogs, news articles, photos and other page information are frequently updated and actively feeding people helpful information.

Stay visible.

An easy way to do this is connecting your blog to your Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.  This way, when you add a new blog article it automatically feeds to those social media outlets, reaching the most people.

Having a Content Management System (CMS) website can certainly help you keep updated in an affordable way, provided you make the time.  What is a CMS? If you have heard the terms WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal (and there are many others), you have been hearing about CMSs. WordPress websites offer an intuitive way for the non-technical person to update page text and blog articles, and are the perfect solution for small businesses. Existing templates offer tons of layouts and functionality. Custom designed websites cost more upfront, but you get exactly the look you want as well as the functionality. If you have some computer savvy, you can create a nice basic WordPress website yourself; but you may want to enlist a professional, at least for this stage.  However, once the site is up and running, keeping the content up to date can be done by you over the Internet where ever you are at any time of day or night.  That’s pretty cool! And affordable.

As for SCS…

Sirvatka Creative Services, Inc. is moving full steam ahead this year plowing through the economic and political headwinds.  Having recently become incorporated, SCS will be pulling out all the stops this year to build business and offer the best and most affordable Internet solutions for small businesses.  Subscribe to our blog and “like” us on Facebook to keep up with news and tips.

Sirvatka Creative Services wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

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