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This Information is Shocking!

Less Than Half of All Traffic on the Internet is Human

Yes, a staggering 56% of web-based activity is actually generated from an automated source. From hacking tools to scrapers and spammers, impersonators and bots, the internet is awash with robots.

Excerpted from Web Hosting Insider

This is HUGE!

Now not all robots are bad. Google, YouTube, Bing and other legitimate search engines use them. Anything that helps you find a website by searching the Internet is using robots (computer programs) to index that information.

But it shows you what every legitimate website is up against. It shows what YOU are up against. Geez, you just want to have your website up and running, and getting you clients; you don’t want to be fight cyber warfare to do it.

If you have a WordPress website you are using the #1 most popular content management systems (CMS). Since it IS the #1 website platform, it will of course be the top attacked platform too.

But there are steps to prevent your website from becoming a hacking statistic.

Regularly going into your website, running scans, checking for hacking, fixing broken links and other activities are part of a good security regimen. Setting up security software, regular backups, making passwords difficult and other steps should also be a part of that plan.


Many people think, “why would any hacker care about my little website?” Robots neither discern nor discriminate what website they are attacking. Their game is quantity. The more websites they can infiltrate, the larger their “botnet” (network of robots) becomes.

Yes they turn your website into their robot!

Let’s face it. Taking care of the security of your website is not exciting or sexy. But it is exceedingly important to your business. You rely on your website to make your demos available 24/7 around the world.

Imagine if a potential client did a search on your name and came up with a result that has your name and an ad for Cialis!

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