Hackers like easy passwords and old software

Why Are You Being So Difficult?

Asked the hacker to Suzy the website owner, and Erin the consumer, and regular Joe who’s just trying to make a life for himself and doesn’t want someone else stealing it. Suzy, Erin and Joe have something in common. They’ve made all their passwords very difficult to hack.

Is Your Website Under Attack? You bet it is!

Your website could fall victim to hacking! And here’s why. Most (if not all) WordPress websites come under “brute force attack” – day in and day out, one-after-another attempts to break into your website.  You may not have known this, but YOUR site is probably being attacked right now as you read this!  Yikes!

Driven by One Purpose!

We give professional voice actors an exciting and solid web presence that attracts new clients and provides a destination for them to hear your voice.

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