Cathy Sirvatka

I have been designing and developing websites since the late 1990's, and started my own web design business in 2002. I am an adjunct faculty at the College of DuPage since 2003, most recently teaching HTML and CSS courses in Continuing Education. I have completed voice over training with Sherri Berger, Norm Boucher at Acting One Studio, and improv at College of DuPage.

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Shocking Info About Internet Traffic in 2017 and 7 Steps You Should Take

Now not all robots are bad. Google, YouTube, Bing and other legitimate search engines use them. Anything that helps you find a website by searching the Internet is using robots (computer programs) to index that information. But it shows you what every legitimate website is up against since not all these robots are the good …

Shocking Info About Internet Traffic in 2017 and 7 Steps You Should Take Read More »

Hackers like easy passwords and old software

Why Are You Being So Difficult?

Asked the hacker to Suzy the website owner, and Erin the consumer, and regular Joe who’s just trying to make a life for himself and doesn’t want someone else stealing it. Suzy, Erin and Joe have something in common. They’ve made all their passwords very difficult to hack.

Website Security

Stealth is Wealth for Hackers: Take these steps for your safety!

There is a relatively new stealth method hackers can use to corrupt, not only your WordPress website, but entire computers!  The type of program is called RANSOMWARE. This is a horrifying method of messing up WordPress websites and corrupting computers. It literally holds an entire computer ransom until actual cash is paid to remove the corruption.

2016 Business Goals

2016 Business Goals: Life Zigs, You Zag

As I write this post from my mother’s home in Connecticut, listening to Bing Crosby singing Joy to the World, I am reminded of holiday traditions – the warm glow of colonial taper candles in the window,  the sweet smell of cookies in the oven, and snow. Wait! Cue the snow. Hello snow?

WordPress Tutorial: Add, edit and delete blog posts

WordPress Tutorial: Add, edit, delete blog posts

Most people who have WordPress websites want to be able to add and edit their own blog posts rather than having to pay someone else to do it. How much easier and FASTER would it be to write your post and then upload it yourself: with confidence?

Cool Linkedin Tip

Linkedin, as with other social media platforms, changes their tools and options periodically.  I have to say, though, that this feature may have been around for a while and I just didn’t notice.  But check this out.

Is Your Website Under Attack? You bet it is!

Your website could fall victim to hacking! And here’s why. Most (if not all) WordPress websites come under “brute force attack” – day in and day out, one-after-another attempts to break into your website.  You may not have known this, but YOUR site is probably being attacked right now as you read this!  Yikes!

The KISS Method

Do you know the KISS method?  “Keep It Simple Stupid!”  I had an instructor in college who made it nicer: Keep It Simple STUDENT.  Either way the idea is clear… and simple. Right now I’m looking at a post-it note on my computer monitor which simply says: SIMPLIFY!

Driven by One Purpose!

We give professional voice actors an exciting and solid web presence that attracts new clients and provides a destination for them to hear your voice.

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