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About Voice Over Web Design : All the Skills and Experience a Voice Actor’s Website Needs

As a voice over actor, do you wonder…

  • How often you should update your website?
  • How much a new website costs?
  • If you should make your own website, or have it done professionally?

Talk with an expert who can answer your questions without a lot of techno-speak or pressure.

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I’m Cathy Sirvatka, founder of Sirvatka Creative Services, Inc. and creator of Voice Over Web Design.  I have all the experience and skills you need for your website project. I help you plan your website, and manage the process from beginning to end. This frees you up to do what you do best — auditioning, working on jobs and running your business!

If you are just starting out, or simply have next to $0 budget (we’ve all been there), we can talk about what you can do to claim your web presence.

I have been creating websites since 1999. And I’ve seen it all. The trends. The ups. The downs. The ups again. I know the history of the web world and I bring that knowledge and experience to your project. I keep up on the latest trends, not all of which are beneficial to everyone. I vet the ones that will get you the best results for your business. Check out the Gallery!

Voice Over Web Design was proud to be a sponsor of VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference 2016 & 2017!VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference 2017 Sponsor


Yes, trends come and go, and I have the experience to work a balance between getting your message out and incorporating what’s modern and cool, but only as much as it helps tell your story.

“I can’t thank you enough for creating what I consider, a masterpiece… The combination of colors, font styles, the changing testimonials and photos used by each demo, all seemed to enhance that classy, elegant yet professional look that I envisioned.” – Sherry Benson, VODiamond

I have a background in graphic arts and photography, and I learned HTML (the language of web pages) back in the 90’s while working at Bell Laboratories. I only tell you this because it speaks to my ability to create an aesthetically pleasing layout for your website, while also understanding the technology involved to make it work properly in all browsers and on all devices.

I speak your language. I am trained in Voice Over and keep up with the technical and business trends of the VO world too. It’s a great combination, and a rare one too!

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